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Movember 2022

Movember 2o22

Why is Movember important to us?

Men’s Health is of particular interest to our team here at Active Rehab, with several of our physiotherapists specialising in the treatment of Men’s Health and Continence conditions.

We see lots of men in our clinics for a wide range of conditions, and we know the huge impact that these conditions can have on a man’s life and the life of those around him.

If we can do our bit to help – by raising money, raising awareness, and keeping the conversation going – then we are willing to do whatever it takes.

Active Rehab’s Movember Journey

Each year our team grow facial hair at rapid rates, raising awareness for men’s health.

We are very proud.

The donations accumulated each year are similarly impressive to the moustaches being grown. Our aim is to raise even more money to help the people at Movember, and across Australia, to change the face of men’s health.

Together we can help to keep our dads, brothers, sons, and mates happy and healthy.