Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

  • Do you want to return to your chosen sport as soon as possible after an injury?
  • Do you have a persistent injury that keeps bothering you?
  • Would you like to optimise your sporting technique and performance?

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Whether you are an elite athlete, participate in GPS sport or enjoy social team sport – helping you to return to your chosen sport as quickly and safely as possible is our priority.

Elite sporting athletes require meticulously targeted physiotherapy, that goes beyond injury management. At Active, we work with you to develop personalised rehabilitation plans tailored to your sport-specific needs. Our specialised approach integrates the latest techniques to optimise your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and facilitate rapid recovery, ensuring you reach and sustain your peak performance levels. Over the years, Active’s Physiotherapists have serviced a range of elite level sporting organisations, including the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League, Queensland Firebirds Netball, Brisbane Bullets Basketball, Brisbane Roar and Olympic athletes – so we have the experience to understand your unique needs.

We also have extensive experience in providing guidance and treatment to the unique needs of the adolescent sportsperson. Adolescents must navigate growth spurts, which can lead to issues such muscle imbalance, changes in flexibility, and coordination challenges. In addition, with the intensity of sports participation increasing during adolescence, Active physiotherapists understand the need to focus on preventive strategies and rehabilitation techniques to address common sports-related injuries and promote long-term musculoskeletal health. Recognising the integral connection between physical and mental health, our physiotherapists prioritise holistic care, recognising stressors, anxiety, and emotional factors that can impact an adolescent athlete’s overall performance and recovery.

If you are someone who plays sport for any reason, or at any level – to stay active, get fit or simply for the love of sport, our physiotherapists can support your unique physiotherapy needs. Our approach always includes both tailored rehabilitation and practical injury prevention, helping to keep you on the sports field.

Common Symptoms

Some common symptoms of a sporting injury may include:

  • Inability to play sport, or play sport to full your potential
  • Pain that is sharp in nature whilst playing or a dull ache after training or sport
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty with carrying out day to day tasks due to pain
  • Inability to walk or run or drive
  • Nerve related pain
  • Pins and needles or numbness
  • Muscular pain or tendon pain
  • Swelling

The above are general symptoms of a sporting injury. You may feel some or one of the above symptoms or feel other symptoms that are not in the above list.

How can we Help?

Our Physiotherapists are here to help you to perform at your best. Aside from supporting you with the management of your current injury, we also undertake pre-injury screenings and provide advice on effective warm-up and recovery routines and injury prevention.

Your Physiotherapist will provide a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and advanced treatment specifically tailored to the skills required in your sport with an emphasis on flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and speed. You will be able to take advantage of our fully-equipped gymnasium and Pilates equipment to enhance your recovery.

What Should I Expect From my Appointment?

  • Detailed Interview to fully understand your symptoms & pain, medical and surgical history and your specific sporting goals.
  • Physical Assessment of your strength, coordination, range of movement, muscle control and your sporting technique.
  • Targeted Treatments including manual therapy and comprehensive advice and education on your condition.
  • Progressive Exercise Program to assist you not only with your strength and endurance, but with your general fitness, health and well-being.
  • Communication and Collaboration with your General Practitioner and any specialists to keep them informed of your progress and to support your care.

Where can I see my Physiotherapist?

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