Natalie Vos

Nat values her ability to assist people in their rehabilitation management and recovery. She has an engaged and friendly approach and guides her patients with empathy. Natalie believes that if people understand the nature of their injury, that knowledge can be powerful in both the initial recovery and ongoing management […]

Alison Fenton

A stand-out, rewarding moment in Alison’s career was assisting a teenage refugee patient who had never walked, to learn how to walk independently. “It was life-changing for this patient and her family who cared for her.”  For almost three decades, Alison has dedicated herself to improving the wellbeing of others. […]

Caitlin Parker

Caitie has a wonderful gift of connecting with people. With her warm and friendly approach, she has a knack of making her patients feel comfortable, whether young or old.  She provides a safe and supportive environment, through education and motivation, enabling her clients’ to feel confident with their personalised exercise […]

Catherine Hayden

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is one of Cat’s favourite inspirational quotes, and a personal mantra that she brings to her approach to patients.  Cat’s patients appreciate the time she spends with them – listening to their needs and what is most important to them. She explains information […]

Claire Saxton

Claire is a thoughtful and thorough clinician who helps patients improve their quality of life and better understand their own body. She works closely with children and teens with bladder and bowel conditions, and their families, in the Mars Clinic.  She also enjoys sharing her expertise in women’s health and […]

Corey Partanen

Corey is an integral part of our hospital and outpatient physiotherapy teams and really values the opportunity he has to follow his patients through the various phases of their rehabilitation from ‘Prehab’, through the hospital and their outpatient recovery.  Corey has a keen interest in sport and loves to share […]

Danielle Morrison

When you meet Danielle, you will be put at ease by her warm and kind nature. She has a dedicated approach to understanding her client’s experiences and goals, and through her commitment to ongoing education, her clients benefit from the latest evidence-based knowledge and treatment.   Danielle is a highly experienced […]

David Cowley

Dave has a unique ability to put people around him at ease. He is know for his down-to-earth, warm and reassuring approach. His sharp focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients and making sure they feel heard and understood and have the expert clinical advice they need to […]

Dipthi Samalia

Dipthi is a highly experienced clinician and leader of Active’s Mars Clinic and Women’s Health teams.   Her many years of broad experience and her person-centred approach, contribute to Dipthi’s ability to help her patients feel comfortable, committed and ready to achieve positive results. Dipthi has advanced training in Child and Adolescent […]

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