April 2022

April 2022

Welcome to the April edition of Active Values in Action, our forum for encouraging the heart
– a place for team celebration and recognition.

Happy Reading.

Administration Team

Bella Nolte

We’re very pleased to let you know that Isabella (Bella) Nolte has joined our Admin Team full-time. Bella has recently graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Government and International Relations. Bella will be working at our South Brisbane and Annerley sites.

Welcome Bella, we’re looking forward to having you as part of our team.

Administration Team

Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell will be leaving Active in May, as she takes on a full time role as a Planner with NDIA, at her local NDIS office in Oxley. Liz has been a wonderful part of our Brookwater team and we’re sad to see her go. Her final day will be Monday 9 May.

Thank you Liz for all you’ve done for us and for Active and we wish you all the very best for your new role.

Charise Kennedy – 10 Years

Having commenced her working career in psychology, Charise then took up the study of Physiotherapy and we were fortunate to have Charise join our Active Rehab team, after being a student here and then working at a small private practice as an outpatient physio for 2 years!

Charise has been a dedicated leader at Active, as our Medical and Cancer Care Team Leader, Cancer Care Co-Stream Leader as well as playing a key role in orientation and training of many new physios over the past 10 years.

During her time with us, Charise and her partner Lisa have welcomed their delightful baby girl, Audrey.

Congratulations Charise on 10 years at Active and thank you for all you have done to support our patients, our referrers and our many team members over those 10 years. You are a highly valued and much loved member of the Active family.

To celebrate her 10 year Anniversary, we have given Charise a bunch of flowers and a voucher to The Wandering Cooks Restaurant at West End.

Eamon Kelly – 5 Years

Eamon joined us at Active 5 years ago, after starting his physiotherapy career in Mackay. Since starting in 2017, Eamon has achieved so much. He is now our trusted Weekend Team Leader, a Cancer Care Co-Stream Leader, an integral part of Active’s Men’s Health outpatient team and a highly skilled and versatile, all-round hospital clinician. We were also very pleased for Eamon last year when he (mostly) managed to dodge the Covid lockdowns and married the wonderful Phoebe.

Eamon masterfully balances humility with passionate drive and we all highly value his innate sense of humour and laid-back approach. Eamon – we are very lucky to have you as part of the Active Team. We are looking forward to watching your career grow and develop in the years to come. Thanks for all you do, and sincere congratulations on your 5 year anniversary.

Eamon will celebrate his 5 year Anniversary, at Agnes Restaurant.

Muath Shraim – 5 Years

We acknowledge Muath’s contribution to Active’s weekend and public holiday team over the past 5 years. We have seen Muath commence and complete his PhD and, more recently, start a degree in Medicine. Over the years, Muath has kindly shared with our team, and the wider community, his deep knowledge in pain-related topics. Thank you Muath for being such a wonderful team member. By way of thanks, we have given him a voucher to Ahmet’s restaurant at Southbank.

Patient & Stakeholder Feedback

Kate Quinn

From Ash Mondolo, Clinical Nurse Consultant / Breast Care Nurse, Mater Health
I just wanted to thank you, Kate. You saw a patient of mine and Dr Lancashire’s last week, Angela M.

Angela has metastatic breast cancer and has suffered from terrible lymphoedema and cording. She has previously been seen by Mater OTs, Mater Physios (she has treatment at Mater Cancer Care Centre), community Physio and Advanced Therapies at Greenslopes. Angela described previous clinicians as using a ‘hands off’ approach to managing her cording.

Angela called me and told me that after seeing you, she felt an immediate improvement. Angela tells me that she can already feel a huge difference in her range of movement and is going to continue to see you for treatment. Angela was so thankful Ben and I put her in touch with you – so I wanted to thank you – we really appreciate you seeing her so promptly and for helping her. You are amazing.

Reply from John Fitzgerald
Thanks so much Ash for sharing the lovely feedback and great to hear that Angela felt great improvement. Well done Kate – coffee on me!

Reply from Dr Ben Lancashire
Thanks Kate (and John and Active!). Always a great service.

Corey Partanen

From a patient via Liz Campbell
Just to relay a lovely piece of feedback from a patient. She is booked to see Corey for post-op right ankle treatment. Previously, Corey treated her other ankle post-operatively and the recovery was great. While booking this time, she explained how she was very happy and confident in Active as she’d previously been very disappointed elsewhere. She’s very happy to be returning.

Jarred Janetzki

From a patient via Renee De Maria
I just wanted to share some good news. I saw a patient who’d initially been seen in the hospital and has seen many very experienced vestibular Physios in the past. He said to me that no one had given him relief the way Jarred had. He said he’d been given a new lease on life and has been able to sleep on a bed for the first time in many years. I was able to bring JJ into the room at the time, so the patient could give this praise directly to him. Way to go JJ, changing lives like this is incredible!

Active’s MCN Team

From Liisa Laakso, Mater Research / Mater Health
Dear John,

On behalf of an OT colleague and PhD candidate, Aleysha Martin, we would like to pass on our collective thanks and recognise the Active Rehabilitation physiotherapists who have been involved in the Transdisciplinary Initial Neurological Screen (TINS) project on the Mater neurosciences ward.

In particular, our thanks to Simon Freestone, Caitlin Humphries and Karl Harm for attending fortnightly meetings, sharing their physiotherapy knowledge and skills, contributing invaluable insights and clinical perspectives to the ongoing research. Their support and time, and your willingness to allow them to be involved, John, has greatly contributed to creating the TINS, coordinating the clinical study, and transitioning to a new stroke assessment process.

Thank you also to Jess Phan, Ellie Goodwin, Jarred Janetzki, Caitie Parker, Ellen Corkery, Tara Roberts, Simon Freestone, Caitlin Humphries and Karl Harm for taking the time to upskill in the TINS and/or help the OTs to upskill. It has been amazing to watch everyone share clinical skills with each other.

I’m sure that the collegiality that has been strengthened, through the cooperation with your people, will contribute enormously to the ongoing and future care of patients who come through the Mater Acute Stroke Unit and Neurosciences ward.

Jason Crow

From a patient via Luke Caswell
I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback from a couple of patients regarding Jason.

A patient on Tuesday (19.04) said to me “Jason has made a really big difference, he’s really helping me progress.”

Today I heard a patient talking to Julianna who stated that, “Jason is really good at his job.”

Patient Satisfaction Survey Feedback

37 Patient Feedback Surveys were received last month. 20 were 10/10 responses. Well done team!

South Brisbane - 13 responses

Renee De Maria

“Professional and friendly, fixed my problems.”
“Excellent care given, specialist knowledge, friendly staff, good follow up exercises and not pushing me to come too often.”

Jarred Janetzki

“He fixed me totally and irrefutably from my BPPV.”
“Jarred has been super helpful, he listens well and then gives clear answers.”

John Fitzgerald

“Top quality knowledge and patient care.”

Annerley - 16 responses

Renee De Maria

“Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly, explained all she did, why and the benefits.”

David Cowley

“Dave is very helpful and informative.”
“Professional, friendly & competent.”

Jason Crow

“Jason was very professional.”
“Helpful staff & Jason’s great & helpful attitude.”

Brookwater - 7 responses

Hamish Gomersall

“Professional approach, useful exercises that make us move again.”

Online/Telehealth - 1 response

Hamish Gomersall

“I found Hamish to listen to what I said and be very respectful, also very helpful on exercise that best suit me. I wish him all the best in his career, he will make a fine physio.”

Above and Beyond Award

Gayle Yaxley

From John Fitzgerald
On April 7, the Mater Chief Operating Officer decided that the April 13 Mater Neurosurgical screening clinic would be put on hold to enable them to get a better understanding of their systems – as no patients had arrived for the 2 previous clinics. Our physios, Gayle Yaxley and Joanne Bullock-Saxton, were advised that no clinic would be held on April 13.

On April 13, at 9am, I received a phone call from the neuro clinic nurse, advising that there were patients waiting and that she was unable to contact our physios (Jo was out of town on holidays). The first patient had arrived early for his 8.30am appointment, as he had driven from the Sunshine Coast and stayed in a local hotel overnight so that he would not miss his appointment. I rang Gayle and she immediately offered to cover the clinic. All of the patients arrived! Gayle saw all them all and worked all day – well above and beyond her normal 4 hour shift.

Sincere thanks, Gayle, for going ‘Above and Beyond’. You truly reflect Active’s values, in your actions.

Team Feedback

Hamish Gomersall

From Kirsty Idema
A new patient of Hamish arrived with an EPC plan, expecting ‘free sessions’. I had a lengthy conversation with the patient about the Medicare rebates and his options moving forward. He mentioned that he would go into today’s appointment, but that for financial reasons, he would need to look for ongoing treatment elsewhere. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to discuss this with Hamish before he took the patient in. After the appointment the patient came out glowing, advising he would be back to continue his treatment with Active. Hamish was professional and kind to the patient for a full session and, with only a few minutes to spare, did additional taping for him. Thank you, Hamish, for your compassionate approach and for providing wonderful physio, which ultimately impacted the patient’s decision to continue with treatment.

Jessica Phan

From Jarred Janetzki
I’ve had the privilege of watching Jess work with the latest block of students at Neuro, witnessing her do an amazing job as a Clinical Educator. I was most impressed with Jess’ ability to help mentor, provide confidence and overall ‘life coaching’ to a particularly anxious student. Jess was able to have difficult but meaningful conversations about emotional well-being and stress management, looking out for this student beyond physiotherapy. Jess employed strategies above and beyond those expected of a clinical educator, including producing her own resources and using abstract strategies to facilitate learning. Jess did this by understanding this student on a personal level, and therefore personalising her approach to fit with this student’s learning style. By the end of the placement, I was surprised to note a significant improvement in this student’s confidence and communication. I feel sure that the student would not have had such an overwhelming improvement, had their first placement occurred in a different environment or with a different educator. This is just another example of how Active is impacting the future of physiotherapy.

Reply from John Fitzgerald
Jess and Jarred, you are making our hearts sing! Thanks so much for recognising this, Jarred.
Jess – well done. I’m so delighted to hear the strategies you’re using and that you’re treating the students so well.

Dipthi Samalia

From Nicole Fitzgerald
Dip provided some expert clinical, psychosocial and professional management of a Mars patient (with multiple comorbidities) and their family. The family were frustrated with their situation and Dip was able to appropriately assess and manage the patient and support the family, completely turning their situation around.

We’re very grateful Dip for your expertise and professionalism.

Shantel Chang

From Eamon Kelly
A huge shout out to Shantel for managing a tricky patient on cancer care over the Easter weekend. She managed to compromise with the patient’s family (who were mobilising him very unsafely against our orders/against nursing staff direction) while also optimising the patient’s safety in order to get him out of his room and onto the Level 8 Balcony – I think it meant a lot to him and his family.

Matt Fels

From Anthea Goslin & John Fitzgerald
Thank you Matt for your ‘How can I help’ approach this month. You very capably stepped in to cover Jason’s leave during a very busy time, taking early morning calls during a period of many Covid sick calls and team members being Covid close contacts and your own family being sick as well. You calmly dealt with each person who called and then skillfully adjusted the outpatient and hospital rosters to suit – including spending more clinical time at MPHS.

Your composed, considered and flexible approach is so appreciated by both of us, and we know, by the whole team.

Jarred Janetzki

From Simon Freestone
I’d like to mention Jarred for his proactive approach to his Neurosurgical Senior and Stream Leader role. Jarred is always looking at ways to improve our service delivery and connected care concept. He seeks and accepts feedback and guidance well, and implements agreed plans autonomously. I’ve also been really impressed with his ability to maintain his productivity while balancing this non-clinical work load with his other clinical and adjunct roles – including clinical education, continuing his engagement with research, managing a busy outpatient load and fulfilling his commitments as on-call coordinator.

Chris Makridakis

From Luke Fitzgerald
Chris embodies Active’s ‘How Can I Help’ and ‘Hungry’ values. He consistently works hard, and actively seeks out ways in which he can be a support to his Active Rehab team, nursing team, and patients. Chris always performs the task at hand to the highest quality, and takes no shortcuts. I’m always confident that when Chris is managing the orthopaedic ward, all will be well.

The Annerley Admin Team - Celine Slaughter, Erin Hodgson, Jaden Pardo, Julz Ip, Ella Farlow, Lillian Carley, Luke Caswell and Nora Pottathuparambil

From Jodie Watson
Thank you to each and everyone one of you for coming to work each day with a smile on your face and for approaching your day with a “How can I help” attitude. It’s reassuring to know that Annerley has such hard working, reliable team members who treat the patients and our physios with care and consideration, whilst at the same time ticking away at all the jobs to be done. You take the “im” out of impossible!

From Jodie Watson
Thank you Nicole, Michelle, Melanie and Kirsty – our administration teams are where they are, because of all your hard work. Your positive reassurances help to convert our skills into strengths. When we make mistakes, as we all do, you help us to treat them as valuable lessons; you break things down to help the team to understand and act on difficult situations. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.


Congratulations to Jo Davidson and Hamish Clarke on the birth of their second son, Theodore “Teddy”, a brother for Jack.


Happy birthday to all of our team who celebrate their birthdays in April:

Nat Vos
Hamish Gomersall
Donna Deans
Karl Harm

Lauren Draheim
Tammy Canning
Anthea Goslin
Leanne Spratt

Introducing... John Howard

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born at the Mater Mother’s and grew up in Brisbane. I went to school at St Laurence’s, so you could say I’ve spent most of my life close to the Mater Hospital.

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?
I’ve had a few great roles while at school and while at Souths Rugby, volunteering to coach younger teams. My favourite previous job would be bartending while at Uni.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?
My hobbies and interests include travelling, photography (I’m getting into 35mm and 120mm film at the moment along with some Super8) as well as powerlifting since stopping playing rugby a few years ago.

What are you most proud of in your life?
I’m most proud of the life Vic, my fiancée, and I are building together.

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?
Something the team won’t know about me is that I’ve travelled to 34 countries. On one of my trips, while entering Siberia, I was pulled off a train and interrogated by Russian police in a cold hall at 2am. It seems my passport was flagged because of my name. Turns out ‘John Howard’ sets off some alarm bells in their immigration system.

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?
I think my biggest achievement at Active would, without a doubt, be the PhysiHack series. Nothing comes close to that. Haha.

Introducing... Simon Freestone

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in Brisbane, living and attending school in the Northern suburbs. I had a typical Australian childhood, cricket in the street after school in summer, footy in winter. After school I studied and worked in hospitality, working in several restaurants and hotels. In my mid-twenties I moved to London, working for two years in Hotels in London and travelling Europe. While there I met and married my wife, Aneliya,
before returning to Australia to study Physiotherapy.

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?
I really enjoyed my role working at a luxury hotel in London (The Goring), behind Buckingham Palace. I was lucky enough to serve some well-known clients including celebrities, politicians and members of the Royal Family, including hosting the Queen’s annual staff Christmas party.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?
I love camping, fishing and the outdoors – particularly now being able to start sharing this with my young family as they get a little older. I’m a keen netball player – playing competitive men’s indoor and outdoor netball for the last 10 years. My twin brother and I play in defence for our local club, and have represented Queensland together. I’ve also been an Army Reservist for just over 10 years – I’m currently posted to 11 Engineer Regiment at Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera as the Squadron 2IC.

What are you most proud of in your life?
Hard to go past my family. A close second would be graduating The Royal Military College, Duntroon to become a Commissioned Officer in the Australian Army – I can honestly say this was the most physically and emotionally challenging journey I’ve gone through, but also very rewarding.

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?
Aneliya and I were married in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria – having a traditional Bulgarian wedding. This was a whole weekend affair, with a lot of traditional activities and ceremonies, not to mention copious amounts of eating, drinking and dancing.

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?
Being a part of the development of the connected care model, including the utilisation of Telehealth. I love seeing the hard work behind the scenes – administrative processes, training, education – translate to patients experiencing seamless interactions through their surgical journey.


Mars Clinic Stream Meeting - Rumination

Presenter: Dr Joanne Bullock-Saxton and Dr Frances Connor
Thank you to all who attended our first Mars stream evening for 2022 and to our presenters. There was lots of wonderful discussion around Rumination and physiotherapy treatment.

Neurology – Complex Case Discussions - FND

Time: 2:00pm-2:30pm
Upcoming meeting Date: 28 March

Mars Clinic - Complex Case Discussions

Fortnightly Zoom meetings
Time: Friday’s during lunch (12:30pm-1:00pm).
Meetings are recorded for those who miss out
Upcoming meeting dates:
· 6 May
· 20 May
If you wish to present please email Dip.

Admin Team Weekend Seminar

Date: Saturday 7 May
Time: 8:30am-1:00pm
Venue: South Brisbane Gym
· Tips and Tricks for managing Workcover and Third Party scenarios
· Phone Masterclass and Roleplays

Social Events

Farewell Liz Campbell

Where: Ballistic Brewery Springfield Lakes
When: Thursday, 5 May from 5:30pm

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  • If you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested and stay at home until your test returns a negative result.
  • Regularly wash your hands and disinfect your phone.
  • Maintain physical distancing especially at work.

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