July 2022


July 2022

Welcome to the July edition of Active Values in Action, our forum for encouraging the heart
– a place for team celebration and recognition.

Happy Reading.

Leadership Team Development Program

Active’s Leadership program continues for all of our Directors, Managers, Team and Stream Leaders.

On 18th July, we were pleased to offer our 10th leadership session, on Cultivating an Extraordinary Workplace Culture.

Thank you to the leadership team for their excellent attendance. We covered the theory of workplace culture and discerned and discussed what constitutes Active’s unique culture and what we’re absolutely committed to holding onto.

John Fitzgerald - Leadership Session - July 2022-min

Active Leadership Team Development Program – John Fitzgerald presenting to the team.

Anthea Goslin - Leadership session - July 2022-min

Active Leadership Team Development Program – Anthea Goslin presenting to the team.

Nicole Fitzgerald - Leadership Session - July 2022-min

Active Leadership Team Development Program – Nicole Fitzgerald presenting to the team.

Leadership Session - Simon Freestone, Dani Morrison, Donna Deans, Matt Fels-min

Attendees at the Active Leadership Team Development Program.

New Appointments

Physiotherapy Team

Jarred Janetzki

We’re pleased to announce that Jarred Janetzki has been appointed as Neurosurgical Stream Leader. Jarred has worked closely alongside Simon Freestone in this capacity since he commenced in the Senior Connected Care (Neurosurgical) role. We’re confident that Jarred will successfully continue the great work that he and Simon have undertaken together. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his ongoing commitment to, and work in, this role over the past several years.

Corey Partanen & Caitie Parker

We’d like to acknowledge and thank Corey Partanen and Caitie Parker for stepping up into the Team Leader (Mater Private Hospital Springfield) role, in a shared and acting capacity, covering Marty Leet’s long-service leave. Thank you both for representing Active, and supporting our team and students, for this 10 week period.

Administration Team

Celine Slaughter

We’re very pleased to let you all know that Celine Slaughter will now be transitioning to her new role as Administration Team Leader – HR, as well as Admin Team Leader – Relief. She will be involved in assisting to coordinate all activities relating to the administration of employee on-boarding, off-boarding and compliance monitoring, as well as providing sick and holiday relief cover. We’re very fortunate to have Celine take on this very important role, as part of the Active HR Team and the broader Admin Team.

Farewell Team Members


Jessica Phan

Congratulations to Jess and Jackson who have recently announced their engagement. We initially met them both whilst they were UQ physio students on one of our Timor Leste placements. Jess subsequently joined us as a new team member at Active during her new grad year, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have her as part of our team.

Jess will be moving to Toowoomba to join Jackson. Her last day with us was 29th of July.

We wish Jess well for the next stage of her life. We farewelled her at a team lunch on Friday, to thank her for her great work here at Active.


Leanne Spratt

Leanne Spratt, after much consideration, decided to leave her role at Active, to take on another administration role. We thank Leanne for all she has done for Active and we wish her every success for the future. She’ll certainly be missed by us all.

Job Opportunities


We are currently recruiting for admin team members for our South Brisbane and Annerley locations.

Team recommendations are highly valued.

Active Values in Action
External Feedback

Patient & Stakeholder Feedback

Active’s Neurosciences Team

From Liisa Laakso – Senior Research Fellow, Allied Health, Hon Associate Professor, Mater – UQ
On behalf of OT colleague and PhD candidate, Aleysha Martin, we would like to pass on our collective thanks and recognise the Active Rehabilitation physiotherapists who have been involved in the Transdisciplinary Initial Neurological Screen (TINS) project on the Mater neurosciences ward.

In particular, our thanks to Simon Freestone, Caitlin Humphreys and Karl Harm for attending fortnightly meetings, sharing their physiotherapy knowledge and skills, contributing invaluable insights and clinical perspectives to the ongoing research. Their support and time and your willingness to allow them to be involved, John, has greatly contributed to creating the TINS, coordinating the clinical study, and transitioning to a new stroke assessment process.

Thank you also to Jess Phan, Ellie Goodwin, Jarred Janetzki, Caitie Parker, Ellen Corkery, Tara Roberts, Simon Freestone, Caitlin Humphreys and Karl Harm for taking the time to upskill in the TINS and/or help the OTs to upskill. It has been amazing to watch everyone share clinical skills with each other.

I’m sure that the collegiality, which has been strengthened through the cooperation with your people, will contribute enormously to the ongoing and future care of patients who come through the Mater Acute Stroke Unit and Neurosciences ward.

Jo Bullock-Saxton

From a patient via Marty Leet
Maryanne, one of the ward clerks at MPHS, expressed her thanks and gratitude for how you looked after her son, Jacob, following his back surgery. She said that he is doing so very well now after being severely affected by debilitating back pain at such a young age and that you, Jo, developed a special connection with him that helped a great deal with his recovery.

“What amazing feedback Jo – we know that many of your patients feel this way…. Changing people’s lives.” – John Fitzgerald

Karl Harm & Tom Beirne

From a patient’s sister – Rosemary Grant, Director, APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, APA Occupational Health Physiotherapist
Hi John,

I just wanted to pass on some wonderful feedback about a couple of your Physios who saw my sister, Fiona, while she was an inpatient at Mater private the last couple of weeks – Karl and Tom. I was there when they visited her last Saturday morning. I was very impressed by their professionalism, skill, attention to detail and most importantly their genuine care. Fiona had complete confidence and trust in them and she made some great progress.

Please thank them.

Caitie Parker

From a patient via Renee De Maria 
On leaving a Mars Clinic session, the patient’s parent commented to Caitie how wonderful she was and stated, “I would absolutely recommend you to anyone”. When the parent told the admin team this, admin said, “This is common feedback about Caitie; patients love her!”

Patient Satisfaction Survey Feedback

21 Patient Feedback Surveys were received last month. 20 were 8-10/10 responses, so 95% of all surveys were above 8/10! Well done team

South Brisbane

9 responses – 8 x 10/10 responses

Renee De Maria

Renee was excellent with her treatment and personal interactions.”

Emma Eaton

Emma has been tremendous – her approach is positive and holistic, one of the best physios I’ve been lucky enough to be treated by. Professional and courteous service.”

Marcel Mercia

Marcel is very knowledgeable, skilled, can explain things clearly and is very compassionate.”


6 responses – 6 x 10/10 responses

Tammy Canning

The treatment, advice and ongoing exercise program Tammy gave me were fantastic.”

Margot Weis

Margot explains all aspects of physio and exercises very clearly, as well as the mental side of the recovery.”


4 responses – 1 x 10/10 response

Corey Partanen

I find Corey very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. He has tailored a program to my needs. Thank-you!”


1 response

Simon Freestone

Very knowledgeable about specific conditions and the program was tailored to my desired outcomes.”

Active Values in Action
Team Feedback

Team Feedback

Jodie Watson

From Alison Fenton

I would like to recognise Jodie for her support with a patient who appeared to have a stroke affecting his function in his outpatient session. Jodie calmly asked how she could help, liaised with the medical centre team, obtained his details for the ambulance, dealt with the ambulance by phone, all the while being respectful to the patient, organising a safe alternate place to wait with him and helping to keep him calm.

Jarred Janetzki

From Ciera Livings

While covering Claire’s sick leave at BW, Jarred managed a very difficult vestibular patient of Claire’s, who was extremely anxious about the appointment and his treatment. The patient had previously built a rapport with Claire and wasn’t sure about seeing an alternative physio, due to his complex case and anxiety. Jarred very quickly put the patient at ease, and on numerous occasions throughout the appointment, was able to calm the patient down when his anxiety rose, and bring his attention back to the appointment and tasks at hand. The patient left feeling much more confident and calm about the whole experience. Well done to Jarred!

Alison Fenton

From Dani Morrison

Alison makes a conscious effort to bring a very enthusiastic, positive energy to the Annerley Huddles, which uplifts the team. This month she shared a fascinating story about the importance of words.

We appreciate you, Alison.

Caitie Parker and Rielan Newell

From Matt Fels

Thank you Caitie and Rielan for your assistance in setting up the 7S COVID ward, in particular for making sure that our patients were safe by going out of your way to source the required equipment on a newly opened ward. Thank you also for significantly contributing to the development of a ward orientation document. This ensured the smooth management of these patients by providing clear processes to be implemented in a new higher risk environment. Thank you for your work in this space.

Donna Deans, Matt Fels, John Fitzgerald, John Howard, Nicole Fitzgerald and Anthea Goslin

From Eamon Kelly

Thank you Donna for your preparation and presentation of our recent weekend team training evening. Your knowledge and experience is such an asset to our team.  We appreciated being able to learn from you and we’re especially grateful that you came in on your day off!

A big thank you also to Matt, John (big), John (little), Nicole and Anthea for each helping in some way to allow the evening to come together, and for assisting with the education and assessment aspects. It was great to have such strong support from the senior and executive team in hosting this learning and social event for our weekend team.

Eamon Kelly and Matt Fels

From Donna Deans

I would like to thank Eamon for organising the recent Competency Training evening for our casual weekend team – it was a great opportunity for them to do some practical training and have social interaction.

Big thanks also to Matt for assisting me with the practical training and competency assessment.

Hamish Gomersall, Caitie Parker, Margot Weis and Ellen Corkery

From Donna Deans

I would like to acknowledge Hamish, in particular, for taking responsibility for looking after the COVID hub patients in 8S. There was also willing help from Caitie, Margo, Ellie and Ellen and I may have forgotten other lovely team members – I very much appreciate their assistance.

Margot Weis

From Alison Fenton

One of Margo’s patients (with English as a second language) told her that after his accident he felt really sad. Coming here to see her for physiotherapy has really helped and he felt that physiotherapy days were “happy days” for him, which he really appreciated.

It was so heartwarming to hear this (from the next cubicle).

Bella Nolte

From Kirsty Idema

Bella has been flying in her administrative role with us at Active. Whilst she’s only been with us a short while, she is always willing to help, learn new tasks and take on additional tasks, all with a smile on her face (under the mask). Bella showed unbelievable patience recently – calmly explaining all the details of an appointment to a patient transitioning from inpatients to outpatients. Unfortunately the patient was highly stressed and verbally aggressive. Bella’s calm, patient and informative approach was extremely impressive and we’d like to applaud her. You’re amazing!

Alison Fenton

From Tara Roberts

Alison is just so amazing at what she does that even doctors are wanting to sit in on her sessions! Alison had a neurologist sit in on her afternoon sessions and she was sharing her amazing knowledge with him. He seemed very grateful for the opportunity and had a lot of questions. You could tell he was thrilled with her knowledge and skill (just like we all are).



Rielan Newell and Glenn Andrews

Congratulations to Rielan Newell and Glenn Andrews, on their recent engagement.

We first met Glenn at the Active Christmas party, shortly after Rielan commenced as a new grad role with us. It’s so lovely to hear this news.

Jess Phan and Jackson Savill

Having met Jess Phan and Jackson Savill at the same time in Timor in 2017, we’re delighted to now hear of their engagement. Congratulations to you both, Jess and Jackson.

Jesse Potter and Lissy Changuion

Congratulations to Jesse Potter and his fiancé Lissy Changuion on their engagement earlier this month. We wish them all the best during this exciting time.


Happy birthday to our team members born in July:

Kirsty Idema, Belinda Turner, Rielan Newell, John Howard, Muath Shraim, Lillian Carley, Martin Leet, Dani Morrison, Jaden Pardo, Hannah Yarwood, Kate Graving, Corey Partanen, Fiona McKinnon and Jessica Phan.

Special birthday wishes to:

Marty Leet
Marty celebrates his 50th birthday this month.

Spotlight on the Team

Introducing... Catherine (Cat) Hayden
Senior Physiotherapist (Women’s Health/Mars)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, just north of Sydney. I’m the youngest of 3, with an older sister and brother. We had lots of kids in the neighbourhood to play cricket with (on the road of course!), backyard footy or swimming in the pool. Our parents encouraged all of our endeavours. I loved playing sport including netball, swimming, physie, dancing and body surfing or boarding with Dad. We grew up listening to a lot of Beatles and Beach Boys music (amongst others) and I still love this music for the nostalgia.

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?

I was School Captain at high school – a role I was encouraged into by our year coordinator, as I must admit, public speaking wasn’t something that came easily. I’m grateful for being pushed into it though, as my confidence did grow though the year and it’s something I’m proud of.

I worked at Just Jeans for the 4 years of Uni and still find myself spotting different types of Levis.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

I love being outdoors and active with my husband and kids, whether that’s trying to surf on my foam long board, bike riding, bushwalking or finding swimming spots in the rainforest. I also love travelling, good food (cooking, though mostly eating!) and time with family and friends.

What are you most proud of in your life?

How can I not answer my kids, Joey and Archie! I love watching them grow and develop their own identities, ideas and interests. I learn so much through them. I’m also proud of us as a family moving up here and starting a great future for us all as Queenslanders.

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?

I worked as a Physio on Guernsey, one of the English Channel Islands. Flying on and off the Island in high winds was death defying!

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?

Beginning in a new clinical stream (for me) with the Mars clinic and hopefully helping kids, coming in with what can be an embarrassing problem, to feel better about themselves when they leave. Also, I’ve enjoyed helping review and develop new clinical guidelines and protocols.

Introducing... Cynthia Mewengkang
Reception and Admin

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Burnie, a small city on the north-west coast of Tasmania. My parents are both of Asian ethnicity. I’m Australian by nationality, as mum and dad settled down here.

My parents were both running their own business when I came around, so I actually spent part of my early years being raised by my grandparents in Indonesia. A few years later, my younger sister was born, and we all lived in Malaysia with my mother’s family. With Indonesian and Malay being quite similar languages, I spoke Indonesian with both sides of the family.

When I started school, we moved back to Tassie and I attended a catholic school there. Funny thing is, I hadn’t learned English yet, so I learned during my first school years – great fun. Since then, I slowly stopped speaking Indonesian and have sadly forgotten the language. I now only speak English and Chinese, the main languages we spoke growing up.

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?

Throughout high school I worked in hospitality, balancing hot plates of Chinese food while waiting tables. I then worked behind the bar – unsure if I was old enough, but no one questioned it.

I also volunteered at one of the City Mission stores in Burnie, but my favourite role was as House Sports Co-Captain in my final year of school – I loved organising school carnivals and events and made some great memories with friends.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

I love reading a good book on my balcony, with a hot cup of chai in hand – my book collection is getting a bit out of hand. I also recently got a dog. She has been great motivation to get out of the house and go running.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I think I’m most proud of my move to Queensland. It’s been an interesting few years and I feel like I’ve grown so much as an adult. In Tassie, we all talked about moving to the mainland for Uni, but when it came time to decide, it was a tough choice, leaving my home, family and friends. I’m surprised I’ve come this far, especially having spent most of my first year in Queensland in isolation during COVID. I’m now more than halfway through my Physio degree and I’m surviving independently in a new state, which is wildly amazing!

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?

At six, I started violin lessons. I was involved in orchestral and quartet performances and played in a couple of weddings and functions with my quartet. I was also part of the local church music team, involved in both singing and instrumental. After 10 years, I started to lose interest in violin performance and began to learn piano and clarinet – now at Uni, my music skills are definitely very rusty.

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?

I started at Active in November 2021, and the months have really gone by quickly! Learning to work in admin has been an interesting process, and an achievement for me, being my first administrative role. Nonetheless, I think I’ve done all right and I’m grateful to be a supporting member of this Active team 🙂

What's New

New Equipment

Renee De Maria with our new vHIT apparatus.

New vHIT Apparatus

We’re very excited to let you know that Active have purchased a 2nd new vHIT, for the assessment and management of our vestibular patients. This will enable us to permanently house a vHIT at both South Brisbane and Annerley – wonderful for our patients, our team and our referrers.

Events & Presentations


Men’s and Women’s Health Stream Evening – Pelvic Pain

Thank you to Dani Morrison and Dave Cowley for their dedicated preparation and presentation of Pelvic Pain, at the Men’s and Women’s Health Stream Evening on 25 July.

Thanks to all those who attended this event – a wonderful opportunity for ongoing learning of this important and growing clinical presentation.

WH & MH Stream Evening - Pelvic Pain 1-min

Dave Cowley presenting ‘Pelvic Pain,’ at the Men’s and Women’s Health Stream Evening.

WH & MH Stream Evening - Pelvic Pain 2-min

Dani Morrison presenting ‘Pelvic Pain,’ at the Men’s and Women’s Health Stream Evening.

Weekend Team Training Evening

Our thanks to Donna Deans, Matthew Fels and Eamon Kelly for their coordination and training presentations.

It was a great initiative and much appreciated by the team.

Donna Deans, presenting at the Weekend Team Training Evening.

Matthew Fels presenting at the Weekend Team Training Evening.

Eamon Kelly presenting at the Weekend Team Training Evening.

Attendees at the Weekend Team Training Evening.

APA Women’s Health Course

Ellie Goodwin and Margot Weis recently attended the APA Women’s Health weekend course hosted at Active Rehab.

The next and final course to be held at Active this year is on 12/13 November.

Leadership Development Evening

A huge thanks to Anthea Goslin for her steering, coordination and presentation of our 10th Leadership session on Cultivating an Extraordinary Workplace Culture.

Anthea is responsible for a huge amount of work behind-the-scenes to bring Active’s leadership program to fruition.

Active’s August Professional Development Offerings

Cancer Care Inservice

  • When: Tuesday 9/8/2022, 7:00am – 7:45am
  • Presenter: Dr Niara Oliveira
  • Topic: Androgen Deprivation Therapy (hormone therapy) for Prostate Cancer

After Dr Oliveira’s presentation, Craig from EliPlus will provide a brief overview of the EliPLUS program which Mundipharma funds for ADT patients to attend Active Rehab for 6 physiotherapy sessions.

Critical Care Inservice

  • When: Tuesday 16/8/2022, 7:00am – 7:45am

Neurology Stream Evening

  • When: Monday 22/8/2022, 6:00pm –8:30pm
  • Topic: Gait Analysis

Social Events

Farewell Leanne Spratt

We farewelled Leanne Spratt with drinks at Brewhouse on Friday 29th July.

Farewell Jess Phan

We enjoyed a wonderful shared team lunch at South Brisbane to thank Jess and wish her all the best for her move to Toowoomba.  Highlight of the lunch was Emma Eaton’s Baked Alaska.

Admin Team Social

Stay tuned for an invitation to our next admin social event in August.

Putt Putt, Laser Tag, Trivia – anything’s possible!

World Physio Day – Team Bake Off

We’ll once again have a ‘Team Bake Off’ at each site, to celebrate World Physio day on 8th September.

Get out your recipes and your oven mitts!

Active Ball

Time to start planning your ball outfits!

Please RSVP as soon as possible.

*Important COVID-19 Reminder*

  • If you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested and stay at home until your test returns a negative result.
  • Regularly wash your hands and disinfect your phone.
  • Maintain physical distancing especially at work.

What do I do next?

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Annerley +617 3346 1768

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