May 2022


May 2022

Welcome to the May edition of Active Values in Action, our forum for encouraging the heart
– a place for team celebration and recognition.

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Values in Action: 'Hungry'

Active's Stream Leaders

We’d like to acknowledge our Stream Leaders for their hard work, planning and vision in the creation of our Clinical Streams’ business plans. As these business plans are now being finalised, we’re looking forward to realising some of our Streams’ goals.

Well done and thank you to all of those involved in these business initiatives.

Farewell Team Members

Tom Cronin

This month, Tom Cronin said farewell to the Active family, to take up an opportunity as a Clinical Support Specialist with Zimmer Biomet. Tom joined Active Rehab in the December following his graduation in 2017. He performed a hospital rotations role and clearly had a bent for orthopaedics. Tom then moved into an Orthopaedics Senior Connected Care role at Active. We and his patients have appreciated his intelligent, caring and gentlemanly approach to physiotherapy. We wish Tom all the best in the next stage of his career – an exciting opportunity for him.


Ken Ho - 5 Years

This month, we acknowledge Ken’s contribution to Active’s weekend and public holiday team over the past 5 years.

Ken has been a terrific model of Active’s Values during his 5 years. He has developed into an experienced and skilled inpatient physio and adds great value to the neuro and ortho teams, predominantly working in these areas during his weekend shifts. Now in his final year of medicine at Bond University, Ken is a great advocate for the physio profession, and he acknowledges and appreciates the importance of allied health in maximising the greatest healthcare outcomes for our patients.

His kind and caring approach to physiotherapy is appreciated by his patients and also makes him well-liked among the ward staff.

Congratulations and thank you Ken, on 5 years at Active Rehab.

By way of thanks, we have given Ken a voucher to Naga Thai restaurant in Eagle St, City.

Active Values in Action
External Feedback

Patient & Stakeholder Feedback

Shahrooz Rafiei

From Tammy Canning
I was chatting with Christine J about her husband, Geoff’s recent appointment with you. I believe you were taking some baseline measures of his capacity before transplant. Whilst initially unsure about the appointment, he came away really happy and felt very much in good hands.

Shahrooz Rafiei and Tammy Canning

Feedback from Renee De Maria
Yes I saw Christine’s husband Geoff for his initial inpatient review prior to his Stem Cell Transplant – Shahrooz did a very thorough initial outpatient session with him before his admission, building some excellent rapport and providing lots of specific education which made my session with Geoff in hospital very easy!

Tammy, Christine also mentioned yesterday that she was incredibly pleased with the Physiotherapy care you were providing, after her recent knee operation – she mentioned that you have restored her faith in Physiotherapy!

Dave Cowley

From a patient
‘David, I would like to say I have always appreciated your professionalism, honesty and feel you have been very genuine in your approach to my condition. I would like to continue to engage your services and will contact the office tomorrow to organise an appointment.’

Dave Cowley

From a patient via Jason Crow
I saw Chris on Monday. He was glowing in his praise of you and wanted me to pass on his comments.

  • The compassion, care and banter you had with him really assisted with his recovery. He said he has no doubt that the treatments with you accelerated, and were a big part of his recovery.
  • He is impressed by all you do in both a clinical and research space and said we need more males like you looking after Men’s Health.

Claire Saxton

From mother of a Mars patient
Clare spent a lot of time supporting Ruby with her toileting and Ruby is now …..making huge progress. Please thank Clare again for all her help.

Tara Roberts

From a patient’s daughter
Wilfred’s daughter Karen called to thank Tara for helping her dad. She said “Tara has given him a new lease on life, given him a purpose to keep moving”.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Feedback

38 Patient Feedback Surveys were received last month. 27 were 10/10 responses, so 71% of all surveys were 10/10! Well done team.

South Brisbane

19 responses – 13 x 10/10 responses

Emma Eaton

“Very knowledgeable and helped my recovery so much. I had attended this practice when I had a knee reconstruction in 2000. They are as professional and helpful as they were 22 years ago.”

Eamon Kelly

“The amount of relative information that was passed on by Eamon. Instructions were clear and specific. His knowledge of condition was excellent. Runs a professional and informative consultation.”


10 responses – 7 x 10/10 responses

Tammy Canning

“Tammy was professional, knowledgeable and personable.”

Jason Crow

“Professional approach and thoroughness of information”

Margot Weis

Margot listened and I got results adding more exercises to the programme.”


6 responses – 5 x 10/10 responses

Claire Saxton

“Claire’s friendliness and makes you feel comfortable and is non-judgement as well as informative.”

Nat Vos

“I am over the moon with the program and results Nat had worked out for me. All the team there were very nice.”

Ellie Goodwin

“Enjoy the outcome of the progress and beautiful and lovely staff thank you all.”


3 responses – 2 x 10/10 responses

Renee De Maria

“Very helpful, and the therapy given was in line with my ability”

Emma Eaton

“Because she is very clear on the instructions for your exercises, helpful with your questions and extremely polite and professional.”

Active Values in Action
Team Feedback

Above & Beyond Award

Jason Crow
For outstanding support of the Team and the Business in 2022, during the pandemic.

Nominated by Celine Slaughter

Jason is a prime example of a team member who upholds Active’s Vision and Values.

He aspires to growing the business, as well as to his own personal growth. Jason is always looking out for the whole team and is so humble in his approach when helping to solve problems.

As we all know, the COVID pandemic has been extra challenging for everyone, especially for Jason as our Outpatients Team Leader. Jason has met the constant challenges of finding solutions to roster coverage head on, during the pandemic, and always goes that extra mile to assist both the physio and admin teams to maximise our potential as a team and as a business. Jason is an inspiring Leader who genuinely invests in and cares about his team. He celebrates our successes and encourages us to accept our challenges. We are so fortunate to have him at the helm.

By way of thanks, we have given Jason, who is a ramen lover, some meals at Taro’s Ramen restaurant.

Team Feedback

Accounts Team - Belinda, Erin and Subin

From Julianna Ip

The accounts team are always so friendly and happy to help with any question we have. I have never heard a cross or abrupt tone from any of them, even when their hands are full or when they’re in the middle of multiple tasks. Thank you so much for your patience, ready smiles, and quick quips!

Jodie Watson - Annerley Team Leader

From Julianna Ip

Jodie’s always ready to help and lead, and always with a gentle thoughtfulness, even when under pressure! She’s quick to acknowledge and highlight growth and strengths in the new (and experienced) admin team members, and just as quick to answer any questions we have. She goes above and beyond to ensure the whole team and the patients feel comfortable and welcome every day. Thank you so much for your calm, kind and thoughtful leadership!

Dipthi Samalia

From Phoebe Giffard

I just wanted to recognise Dip for the amazing support that she constantly gives me and the Mars and Women’s team. Nothing is ever too much effort and her guidance is always invaluable.

Tara Roberts

From Alison Fenton

Tara did a lovely job today with a young man with autism. She was able to settle his high anxiety, with regards to making future bookings, calmly reassuring him that he would not miss out on school.

He was also showing improvement with his treatment and Tara praised him and progressed his treatment appropriately.

Tammy Canning

From Tara Roberts

Recently starting in Outpatients at Annerley, and sitting beside Tammy in a cubicle, it’s so lovely hearing some of her sessions. She has such a positive, encouraging way with patients, it’s amazing. Today a lady who thought she needed a knee replacement, was educated and encouraged by Tammy to try conservative management. By the end of the appointment the patient was so thrilled and you could tell she felt so empowered.

Cynthia Mewengkang and Rachael Chiang

From Jodie Watson

Welcome to the Annerley team, Cynthia and welcome back Rachael. Your smiles and positive ‘how can I help’ attitudes have been recognised and are much appreciated.

Luke Caswell

From Jodie Watson

We’d like to acknowledge Luke’s consistently hard work at Annerley. He shows initiative and works hard to get things done. I’d especially like to acknowledge a moment when a mum arrived for her appointment, with 2 little ones in tow. Luke quickly assessed the situation and offered crayons and colour in pages to keep the children occupied. Mum was very grateful.

Juliana Ip

From Ciera Livings

I just want to say how amazing Julz is! She works like an absolute trooper and gets stuck in to get the job done. She is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the support Julz 

Feedback for the Admin Weekend Seminar

From Ciera Livings

I wanted to provide some feedback on Saturday’s admin in-service. Belinda did an amazing job with her presentation, keeping it light but informative and keeping the team well engaged in what could have been a ‘dry’ subject.

Great job too, to the team leaders and admin managers who demonstrated the booking of new patient appointments. They all did such a wonderful job.

Jarred Janetzki, Eamon Kelly, Claire Saxton, Mel Wells & Danielle Morrison

Thank you from Dipthi Samalia

Thank you so much to this wonderful group of people who helped Dip (me) organise the WH APA Level 1 course over the weekend. Jared very kindly helped open up on Sunday on two occasions and which saved me one extra trip in. Eamon, Claire and Dani assisted with equipment and Mel helped with sorting out how to open the conference room up on the weekend. Thank you so much. It made a busy weekend easier to manage. I am so grateful. Thank you again!


Academic Achievements

Ellen Lake

Congratulations to Ellen Lake, who has recently completed her Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and become a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

Ellen also holds the position of National Chair of the APA’s Mental Health Group.

This has been a big effort Ellen, and a wonderful body of additional knowledge for your role as a Physiotherapist.


Dharsha and Tom Petrie

Congratulations to Dharsha and Tom who welcomed little Theodore (Teddy) Petrie into the world on 27th of April. We are so incredibly delighted for you all.

Baby Visits

Jo Davidson

We love it when our new Active parents drop in for baby visits.

It was lovely to see Jo Davidson and baby Teddy this month.

Parental Leave

Rebecca Kensington

We wish Bec, Matt and Isla all the best for the upcoming birth of their new family member.


Karl and Paras Harm

Congratulations Karl and Paras on your recent wedding. You’re a beautiful couple and wonderful people.


Happy birthday to our team members born in May:

Jinny Kim, Ilze Willis, Gayle Yaxley, Ken Ho, Henry Fredman, Tom Beirne, Jo Davidson, Sarah How and Matt Fels.

Special birthday wishes to:

Ilze Willis and Ken Ho
Both celebrated their 30th birthdays this month.

Gayle Yaxley
Gayle celebrated her 60th birthday this month.

Spotlight on the Team

Introducing... Dipthi Samalia

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Suva, Fiji and moved to New Zealand (Dunedin) when I was two years old with my family. My father is a Urologist and at the time managed to get a ‘bonded Fiji Government’ place to finish his FRACS training. We moved around a bit in New Zealand because of the training requirements. We weren’t all that well off and my parents lived off $200 FJD a month (apparently the exchange rate then was horrendous). Mum used to sew our clothes and there are a multitude of photos of my sister and me in matching trackies and jumpers. Our move to Christchurch was one that I remember. There was a man that used to take people on horse and carriage rides through the park and I remember mum popping myself and my sister on that cart and he brought us home while mum brought the car back. You wouldn’t do that now – leaving a 6 and 4 year old on a horse and carriage on their own.

We ended up moving back to Fiji when I was 8 or 9 years old, as a requirement of the bonded place dad had, and were there for 2 years. Mum was an OBGYN and had registration to work in Fiji, but not New Zealand and worked for a bit in Fiji. We moved back to New Zealand 2 years later and settled in Dunedin. I finished off high school there and went to Otago University to study Physio.

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?

I’ve done some random jobs here and there, including working in a wilderness store selling clothing and possum fur socks (as you do in New Zealand); but a previous job I really enjoyed was teaching one of the Year 1 Otago University Health Science papers. I was a lab tutor for a Biology paper and really enjoyed teaching that too. 

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

I have a few hobbies. I love gardening. It brought me a lot of solace while I was off on sick leave, and helped me immensely. I have a small collection of orchids and have started getting into indoor plants but they have gradually made it all outdoors, as I can’t seem to keep them alive inside. I also like to sew and cross-stitch.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I think making it to 40 was a great achievement given everything! But in all seriousness, I think I’m most proud of my kids and my family. I have great kids (Annika and Kieran). 

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?

I used to play several musical instruments (recorder, treble, flute, piano) and was in the high school wind symphonia (but I think this was mainly so I could get out of going to school assembly, as practice was during assembly time).

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?

I feel like my role at Active has morphed over the years, and I feel that my greatest achievement is that I have had the ability to work in all of the streams, except vestibular. It’s given me the ability to see things in a different way I guess and to understand each stream’s role in patient management.

Introducing... Corey Partanen

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Ipswich and raised in Orlando, Florida between the ages 3-6, as my father was posted to America during his service in the RAAF. We then returned to Ipswich, Australia for the remainder of my childhood years. One of my most memorable childhood moments was visiting Disneyland with my family and enjoying the rides (even if I was a little too short for some of them).

Can you tell us about a previous favourite role or job you may have had?

In my early career I started out as a personal trainer and I really enjoyed inspiring and training with the local community to reach their individual physical goals.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

My hobbies include weight lifting, playing with my border collie (Beau) and modifying my car, or anything with 4 wheels.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Building my first home at the age of 32 to raise my future family in.

Can you tell us one thing about you that the team at Active may not know about you?

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie when given the chance; if there’s drag strip day, go kart day, a bungee jump or sky dive to be had, count me in!

What are your greatest achievements in your role at Active so far?

I’ve been awarded Active’s “How can I help?” Award, which was very humbling.  I’ve also really enjoyed being a clinical educator to physiotherapy students and seeing them grow in ability and confidence. It’s been wonderful to see some of the students I’ve supervised end up joining the Active team at the end of the year. It has also been great to build up Active’s presence in the Springfield Hospital and Brookwater area.

What's New

New Clinical Documents

Announcing a new suite of competencies for assessment of high risk procedures

Thanks to Donna Deans, Matt Fels, Jason Crow, Renee De Maria and Anthea Goslin for the significant body of work that has gone into the creation of several new clinical competencies.

Completed so far are:

  • Airway Insertion and Suctioning
  • Manual Hyperinflation
  • ROM Brace

These can be found in the Clinical Guidelines folder in Dropbox.

Please take a look at: F:\Dropbox\Clinical Manual\Clinical Guidelines\Competencies

Announcing an updated TENS protocol

Please take a look in the Clinical Guidelines folder in Dropbox.

New Marketing Material

Breast Cancer Brochure

Available at each practice location.

Events & Presentations


Thanks to Shahrooz Rafiei and Tammy Canning for their presentations on:

  • Shoulder Management and Treatment
  • Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome.

Thanks to our Admin Managers and Team Leaders for their presentations at our recent Admin weekend seminar, and for the excellent participation by all of you who attended.

Thanks to Alison Fenton for representing Active and presenting the FND Masterclass with some colleagues in Darwin on 21/22 May.

Active’s June Professional Development Offerings

Topic:  Vestibular Stream Meeting – theory + practical session – VST HINTS

Presenter: Renee De Maria

3 tests to distinguish peripheral vs central Acute Vestibular Syndrome. HINTS training

Date: 13th June 2022, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

*Important COVID-19 Reminder*

  • If you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested and stay at home until your test returns a negative result.
  • Regularly wash your hands and disinfect your phone.
  • Maintain physical distancing especially at work.

What do I do next?

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Annerley +617 3346 1768

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