Clinical Education

From the very beginning, Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy has shown a commitment to excellence in physiotherapy. In an effort to share this commitment, Active Rehab developed a partnership with the University of Queensland in 2008 – to offer the first full-time Physiotherapy Clinical Educator position in a private practice. Since then, our Clinical Education program has continued to provide clinical placements for final year physiotherapy students from several universities.

Our experienced Clinical Educators have all completed additional training in the education of physiotherapy students. They will provide you with high quality, hands-on learning experiences that are tailored to your learning style and placement needs. We endeavour to provide not only the essential patient treatment experiences, but we offer access to surgical observation, continuing education opportunities, team in-services and group tutorials.

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy is a premier provider of inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services. We have high standards of professionalism, ethics and continuing education and we expect the same from our students. For all students undertaking a placement at Active Rehab, please read our Student Learning Contract and Confidentiality Statement, which clarifies the expectations and procedures involved in partaking in a student placement within our facility.

Clinical Placements are generally organised by the university well in advance. For those students who have arranged a clinical placement at Active Rehab, we’ve prepared our responses to some common questions about a placement in our facility. Please read our Information Sheet for Students before your placement – we hope you find it helpful.