Cancer Care

Cancer Care

At Active, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. With many years of experience of working with people with cancer, both in hospital and in the outpatient setting – we can help.   

Our experienced cancer care physiotherapists have an in-depth understanding of most types of cancer and the effects that different types of medical and surgical treatment may have on you and your body. If you are impacted by fatigue or limited by your symptoms, our physiotherapists are able to provide advice and education and treatment options. 

Most people with a recent cancer diagnosis are unsure whether or not exercise is helpful, and if so, how much is safe and beneficial.  And many are also not aware that national guidelines have clearly defined recommendations for exercise in all cancers, as a way to manage symptoms associated with treatment and prevent complications. There is even some emerging evidence that exercise can prevent recurrence, after treatment. We know, that with the right support and advice, it is possible for you to regain, maintain or even improve your strength, endurance and balance as you progress through the different stages of your treatment. 

Our physiotherapists have long standing relationships with cancer care doctors, nurses and other treating health professionals – and will work with your team to provide you with holistic and coordinated care. 

Physiotherapy and Cancer Care

Our Physiotherapists help prescribe safe and effective exercise, based on your specific needs.

Stem Cell Transplant

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in helping you prepare for treatment and improve your recovery afterwards.

Breast Cancer

Our Physiotherapists help you optimise your physical condition and reduce treatment side effects.

Prostate Cancer

Our Physiotherapists can help you to prepare for surgery and improve your recovery; or treat you are being medically managed.

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