Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Supporting Women’s Health during Pregnancy, and throughout a Lifetime

The Women’s Health team from Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy work closely with Dr McLaren to provide care for women’s health needs. Our team area available to see you at our clinics at Annerley or South Brisbane and via online consultations.

Continue reading for information about both our Antenatal Physiotherapy and lifetime Women’s Health Services.


Antenatal Physiotherapy

Working with Dr Glenda McLaren, our Women’s Health Physiotherapy team share the belief that keeping you strong and active during pregnancy is essential to your best possible experience of pregnancy and birth and to your postnatal recovery.

We know that many women experience:

  • Back and pelvic pain
  • Issues with pelvic floor weakness or incontinence
  • Confusion with what exercise is safe during different stages of pregnancy
  • Even more difficulty when adding in pre-existing medical conditions, weight gain, gestational diabetes or abdominal muscle separation.

Our approach is to work with women to prevent issues from occurring, provide support throughout pregnancy and recovery and physiotherapy treatment when it’s needed. We want you to:

  • Feel prepared and confident, with support from a women’s health physiotherapist, working closely with your obstetrician
  • Do the right exercises through your pregnancy and recovery, to prevent back and neck pain and be in your best physical shape
  • Learn how to protect and strengthen your pelvic floor throughout your pregnancy
  • Have the best possible physical recovery after either a natural or caesarean delivery
  • Look after your body while caring for your newborn


Bloom Pregnancy Package

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy has partnered with Dr McLaren to create a unique specialty package of care that supports you through your pregnancy and recovery. We offer a proactive approach, based in the latest scientific research, to keep you strong, informed and active. This contributes to a better experience of pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.

This premium package of care, designed specifically with Dr McLaren, includes:

  • Appointments with an Advanced Trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist at key stages of your pregnancy
  • Flexibility with in-clinic or online video consultations in the comfort of your home or office
  • Full communication between your physiotherapist and Dr McLaren
  • Our exercise app to help you keep on track with your personalised exercise program
  • Follow up consultation with your physiotherapist after birth to support your recovery


Women’s Health Physiotherapy Services throughout the lifetime

Our physiotherapists are available to support women’s health across the lifetime. We have a range of services available through pregnancy, pelvic health, midlife, menopause and beyond.

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy for body aches and pains
  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy for bladder or bowel incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic pain, prolapse and sexual health
  • Supportive equipment – pelvic support belts, support garments, TENS machines for pain relief
  • Women’s Health throughout the lifespan – treatment and exercise programs for bone and cardiovascular health, and support during breast cancer therapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy services may be eligible for rebates from Private Health Insurance policies with Extras Cover.


Flexibility to choose how to connect to your Physiotherapist

  • If you want to see your physiotherapist in-person, or need some hands-on therapy, come into our clinics. For your convenience, we may be able to coordinate your visits with your specialist appointment with Dr McLaren.
  • Want to exercise outside your home, but not in a crowded public gym? Come to our private gymnasiums to complete your program.
  • Feeling like it’s too difficult to leave home for another appointment? Then connect with your physiotherapist in an online consultation from home.
  • Keep track of your personalised rehab program and your progress, and connect with your physiotherapist using our PhysiApp on your smartphone, device or internet browser.


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