Injury Prevention

Would you like to optimise your performance in your sport, workplace or recreational activities? Would you like to protect yourself from injuries? Do you need information on injury prevention? Our Physiotherapists can assist you in a variety of ways.

To prevent injuries and improve your performance within your chosen activity, your Physiotherapist may provide advice and support on:

  • correct warm up, cool down and recovery procedures
  • protective strapping and bracing
  • correct footwear, protective gear and sporting equipment
  • postural correction and conditioning
  • specific conditioning for your particular sport or activity

Taping and Bracing

Taping or bracing can be an important element in preventing injury, especially where you have had previous injuries. Your Physiotherapist may apply sports tape to reduce the strain on damaged tissue, facilitate or inhibit muscle activity and provide mechanical support to assist correct movement patterns. In some cases, your Physiotherapist may be able to train you to apply the tape yourself.

Using a brace may be a good alternative to taping, to protect you from injuries. Your Physiotherapist can advise on the most appropriate type of brace. At Active Rehab, we carry a supply of commonly required braces and your Physiotherapist can fit this for you. Alternatively, we can order a specific brace on your behalf, to match your individual requirements.


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