Neck and Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain

  • Is your back or neck stiff and sore?
  • Have you had a recent neck or back injury?
  • Does your back or neck pain keep coming back?

What is Neck and Back Pain?

Most of us will suffer from neck or back pain at some stage in our lives. Neck and back pain, depending on severity, may affect your ability to exercise, work and sleep and it is likely to affect your mood.

There are a number of common causes of neck and back pain. Posture related neck pain and headaches are increasingly common, given changes in technology and our lifestyles. Thoracic or lower back pain may start with a sudden injury while bending, twisting or lifting, or after a fall, or can come on gradually with no particular trigger.

Determining your specific diagnosis is crucial to starting the right rehabilitation program and preventing future episodes of pain. Many people are uncertain as to what they should or shouldn’t do when experiencing pain and stiffness of their spine. You will be in safe hands with our physiotherapists, who will guide you as to what movements are safe (most are), and support you through a treatment program to reduce your pain and get you moving again.

Research has shown that, without targeted strengthening and treatment, the supporting muscles that protect your spine may not work properly, even after your pain subsides. This can predispose you to similar future episodes of pain; so, it’s very important not to give up on your exercise program and treatment.

We’ll help you to get on top of your spinal pain and stiffness early; it’s crucial to avoid progressing to a chronic pattern of pain – which is more complex to treat.

Common Symptoms of Neck and Back Pain

Some common symptoms of back and neck pain include:

  • Trouble walking because of pain
  • Inability to sit or stand for short / long periods of time due to pain
  • Sleep interruption due to pain
  • Pain in your hip or tailbone
  • Dull ache in your shoulders or neck
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty moving your neck or turn to look behind you
  • Difficulty with heavy lifting and retrieving items off the floor
  • Pain down your arm
  • Pain down your leg (sciatica)
  • Waking with pain or stiffness
  • Pins and needles or numbness in your hands or feet

How can we Help?

Our team of advanced trained Physiotherapists provide current and evidence-based approaches to the treatment of back and neck pain. They have expertise in acute and chronic pain management and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Following a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis you will be provided with an individually tailored and comprehensive treatment plan. Key elements of your treatment at Active may include:

  • Individualised exercise programs to build your muscle strength, endurance and control and flexibility
  • Exercise progression and education to help you optimise your performance and reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Postural correction to reduce strain on your injury
  • Hands-on mobilisation of spinal joints to relieve pain and joint stiffness
  • Taping to limit movement or provide additional support
  • Dry needling to release muscle tension
  • Real-time diagnostic ultrasound to help you learn to ‘switch on’ the supporting muscles of your spine

What Should I Expect From my Appointment?

  • Detailed Interview to review your symptoms & pain, understand your medical and surgical history and your specific goals.
  • Physical Assessment of your strength, movement and sensation.
  • Targeted Treatments including manual therapy and comprehensive advice and education on your diagnosed condition.
  • Progressive Exercise Program to assist you not only with your strength, flexibility and endurance, but with your general fitness, health and well-being.
  • Communication and Collaboration with your General Practitioner and any Medical Specialists to keep them informed of your progress and to support your care.

Where can I see my Physiotherapist?

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