Do you need relief from headaches? Do you experience soreness at the base of your skull, tightness across your shoulders or pain in your neck? Are your headaches made worse with study or work, stress or tired posture? Physiotherapy treatment may relieve all or some of your pain.

Headaches stemming from pain which originates in the cervical spine, neck and upper shoulders are often referred to as a ‘cervicogenic headaches’. Many times, these headaches can be a byproduct of a neck injury or muscle trauma due to poor prolonged posture or stress. These headaches may surface spontaneously or may build over time, and can often be made worse by tight and overactive neck muscles and stiff neck joints. These factors are closely reviewed in your hands-on physiotherapy assessment at Active Rehab.


A thorough and personalised treatment plan is essential to both treating your headaches and reducing the risk of future occurrences. Key elements of your treatment at Active Rehab may include:

  • hands-on mobilisation of spinal joints to relieve pain and stiffness
  • massage and soft tissue release for sore and tight muscles
  • gentle and targeted stretch to reduce muscle tightness
  • acupuncture and dry needling to release muscle tension
  • postural correction to reduce strain on your injury or tired muscles
  • gentle exercises to restore better muscle function and reduce muscle over activity
  • adjunctive treatments such as gentle heat or cool to relieve pain and muscle tension
  • specific advice to help you continue your regular activities while avoiding future headaches

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