Breast Cancer & Surgery Rehabilitation

With over 20 years of experience working with leading surgeons and oncologists, our experienced physiotherapy teams can support you through all phases of your breast cancer treatment. We’re here to help you Protect, Recover and Return from Breast Cancer treatment.

PROTECT – Physiotherapy-supervised and supported exercise has been shown to reduce your side effects, maintain your physical condition and improve your treatment outcomes during chemo and radiation therapy.

  • We can help with in-person exercise, you can visit our private gyms, or we can help you exercise in the comfort of home.
  • Having chemo before your surgery? Protect your physical condition, and recover from your chemo to prepare for your surgery, with support from your physiotherapist.

RECOVER – Your physiotherapist will support your healing after surgery with therapy to help you recover your shoulder movement, reduce scarring or cording, and help with shoulder or neck pain.

  • To help you start your recovery after surgery, at selected South East Queensland hospitals, our physios will see you while you are in hospital. You can also attend our clinics, once you leave hospital, or connect with us via telehealth.
  • Check in with your physiotherapist once your drains have been removed, and if you experience any problems with moving your shoulder or neck, or have arm tightness or restriction.
  • Getting ready for radiation treatment, but having trouble raising your arm into the required position for treatment? See our physiotherapists first to help you manage the treatment comfortably.

RETURN – To help you return to your work and life activities, our therapy is focused on your goals.

  • We’ll help you maximise your physical fitness, including endurance and strength, so you can return to what’s important for you after treatment.
  • Returning to work? Our team can support you with a Return to Work Plan.


Our Unique Expertise

Get the professional help you need all at the one practice with access to our Women’s Health, Cancer Care and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists.

We work closely with the Mater Private Breast Cancer Unit and specialist surgeons and oncologists in South East Queensland, though our experienced teams are able to assist anyone with breast cancer rehabilitation through our local clinics or at home via our online consultations.


Choose how to connect to your Physiotherapist

  • If you want to see your physiotherapist in-person, or need some hands-on therapy, come into our clinics. For your convenience, we may be able to coordinate your visits with your specialist appointments.
  • Want to exercise outside your home, but not in a crowded public gym? Come to our private gymnasiums to complete your program.
  • Feeling like it’s too difficult to leave home for another appointment? Then connect with your physiotherapist in an online consultation from home.
  • Keep track of your personalised rehab program and your progress, and connect with your physiotherapist using our PhysiApp on your smartphone, device or internet browser.


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