Cancer Care Rehabilitation

Are you undergoing, or recovering from cancer or leukaemia treatment? Specially-trained Physiotherapists at Active Rehabilitation have a detailed understanding of these conditions and the effects that treatment may have on you. Our Physiotherapists provide important treatment that supports and assists you, if you are weakened or limited by your symptoms. We can also help you regain your strength, endurance and balance as you recover.

In-Hospital Physiotherapy

Your doctor may request that you receive physiotherapy treatment from Active Rehab while you are in hospital. This may include:

  • Treatment for acute complications resulting from your condition or treatment, such as:
    • chest infection
    • blood clots
    • back or neck pain
  • Treatment for generalised weakness and limited mobility. Your physiotherapist will assess your overall function and provide a tailored treatment program for your condition.

Active’s oncology-trained Physiotherapists have significant experience working with people undergoing cancer or leukaemia treatment and will work alongside your medical, nursing and health team.

Outpatient Physiotherapy

Our oncology-trained Physiotherapists are also available for appointments in our Active Rehabilitation clinics, where they can provide follow-up or ongoing treatment for you. It is common for oncology patients to experience ongoing side-effects from their treatment, or to have significant, generalised weakness.

Outpatient physiotherapy will include:

  • Thorough Assessment: of your overall function
  • Tailored program of treatment and exercise: to meet your specific needs
  • Gentle Exercise Classes: if appropriate to your condition and needs.

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